Brushing teeth every day, twice a day, for two minutes
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     Fifteen years ago I had to deal with my child when he didn't want me to brush his teeth.

    I knew that one of us needed to change his approach and since I was the grown-up I needed to find a way to stop fighting and let him enjoy instead of fighting back.

    He was an adorable kid in many ways but this chore could not be done by me properly.

    I found an extraordinary way to succeed on it while instead of fighting me he really wanted me to brush his teeth. The change was incredible! I changed my attitude in a way that it made him change his own.

    So I wrote this book "Tooth Time is Party Time!" that includes my insights, parental directions and the song that will allow other parents to succeed too. The book and the party are very well recommended by Specialists in Pediatric Dentistry.

    I hope to help you too to build this important habit while your child has fun and is cooperative. Please see my blog where I share with you great insights that will help you both to succeed on it an have a great time! 

    During all these years I also lectured for pre-school teachers that decided to help parents organizing "ToothBrushing Projects" : They gave the parents the book and while the parents are the performers at home, the teachers reinforce the children to participate in the party at home. This cooperation between the pre-school teachers and the parents is a great success key.

    So if you feel that your preschool principal would cooperate, I suggest you to organize a project too by bringing  "Tooth Time is Party Time!"  to all the children in the classroom and bring a healthy habit to all the kids. You can contact me for this purchase and you will get my dedicated guidance with love. You will find in the blog related posts about pre-school experiences.